Spike, the Dragon

Dragons are one the world’s most popular mythological creatures. They are represented in cultures all over the world in places like China, Europe and in the Americas! They’re popular in books, films, and TV.

The word “dragon” comes from the Greek word “draconta,” which means “to watch.” The Greeks saw dragons as beasts that guarded valuable items. In fact, many cultures depict dragons as hoarding treasure.

Ancient Greeks and Sumerians spoke of giant “flying serpents” in their scrolls and lectures. Dragons are depicted as snake- or reptile-like.

Dragons have never had a particular personality. This is unlike the unicorn, which is always known to be a majestic, peaceful creature. The dragon is sometimes regal and protective. Other times it’s deadly and destructive.

In most cultures, the dragon is always rare. There are never very many of them.

In medieval times, dragons were considered very real, but demonic. Religions had widely different views of dragons: some loved them and some feared them.

When giant bones were occasionally uncovered around the world (dinosaurs, as we know them now), people assumed they were dragons.

Some dragons have wings, others don’t. Some dragons with wings can fly, others can’t. Some dragons without wings can fly. How odd!

Most dragons are described as having scaly skin, talons, and slanted eyes, and long snouts.

They can possess many different types of magical powers or none at all.

Some dragons are small, house-pet sized creatures. Others are miles long!

Some dragons live in deep places under the oceans, others hide in deep caves, and some others perch on high mountain tops. In most cases, dragons live where ancient people couldn’t reach.

In many cultural stories, dragons exhibit features of other animals, like the head of elephants, claws of lions and beaks of predatory birds. Their body colors are widely different – red, blue, green, gold, but usually earth tones. In some cultures, the colors have specific meanings.

Sadly, dragons aren’t real – except in our imaginations!


  • Crochet toy Spike, the Dragon is about 20 cm tall.


  • Inside my toys is a high-quality hypoallergenic polyester. It does not lose its form, and can also withstand cleaning in warm water.


  • My toys don't contain small, sharp or hard elements, which can be dangerous to the health of the child.
  • The eyes of the toys are made of hardened plastic, which is then covered with a protective compound. The eyes are firmly entangled with the cloth and in order to tear them away, you need to exert force.
  • But if you buy a toy for a small child, you can make a note with a request to replace the eyes with embroidered.


  • I recommend manual washing of the toys in warm soapy water. Rinse thoroughly from powder or soap, squeeze out all the water and allow to dry during the day.

Order to be made. Please allow 5-7 business days to make.

  • Handmade by Anifantra
  • Design and pattern by Little Muggles