About Me.

Anifantra in greek means weaver, the one who uses the loom.
It is not a common job anymore but till last century every town had a couple of them.

Melina markaki

Melina Markaki
This is what I love to do


Since I was a little girl, I remember myself between needles, fabrics and yarns to create something or just to occupy my hands. My grandmother, who was a seamstress helped me every summer to learn more and more about the art of pillows, a tradition passed from generation to generation. In winter time she spent time crocheting.
I grabbed as well a hook and it dragged me into a maze of stitches, a journey with the yarn that passes between my hands through repetitive motions.

My goal is to create particular and versatile crafts, from dolls to cushions, from children’s clothing to bags. I do and undo unlimited times my handwork to make unique and original creations.

In addition to my listed products I am very happy to make custom items. Please do let me know if you are interested in getting any of my crafts in a different size, color or quantity. I would be very happy to send you a quote.


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